Fatality Guild Rules and Regulations ( Read and Understand )

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Fatality Guild Rules and Regulations ( Read and Understand )

Post by Fatality_Admin on Mon Jun 09, 2008 2:17 pm

Dear Fatalz, applicants and fellow Venus players,

The Fatality guild with its fast growing populations we are considered one of among the guilds that successfully surpassing our objectives for our Open Beta phase recruitment plans. This Guild created since April 2008 with its advocacy to house everyone who wants a decent and disciplined oriented Cabal organizations that aims to create a community of organized, hardcores and rules abided pinoy gamers in our country. That promotes nice and friendly environment for our members and its future alliances. Our priority is to help out those players who are looking for a guild that will guide them in their adventure in Cabal, we certainly not an organization that want an easy job to become instantly powerful because we believe that even a newbie players now can become popular and powerful with proper housings and teachings of its guild. This guild is looking forward to be recognized someday as
the prime guild with respectable and disciplined people, we are working very hard to achieve this someday.

Sometimes i need to react on some issues/comments that we just easily expelled players we dont like.
For the benefits of all, we dont expelled players that follows our rules and regulations. To become a Fatalz anybody should learned to strictly follows our advocacy. We dont want a house that infested with bad manners, unethical and undisciplined gamers. Yes surely this is only a game but the guild is not only for the game, we are building a community of gamers, a role models and respectable persons ingame and in real life.

For those recent members and applicants who with no objections with the above explanations, I ask you to read and understands our guild rules. Because once your inside the guild you are entirely responsible for every actions you will take.

Guild Rules

1. Do be considerate to everyone in the guild. This is because we are together as a team. The consequences will be according to the seriousness of the actions taken on either party. If both parties are at fault, without doubt both parties will be either temporarily or permanently out of the guild (again depends on seriousness)

2. Do not flame anyone, even other players that aren't in the guild. Imagine an unknown person walks up to you and criticized you just because to them, you talk in a strange accent. It is same in the game, almost everyone doesn't know each other, and being criticized or criticizing others will give the same result, which might be PK.

3. Do not PK. PKing is totally useless to your character, even disastrous. This is because it will decrease your honor points greatly. We do not want any guild members to PK others as PKing is a vicious cycle, as there are people that come back to take revenge on Fatality members, which is totally unfair to those innocent members that did not do anything wrong and instead got killed by "avengers" of the PKer's sin. Remember that those suffered most is not the sinners, but those beside them.

4. Please do not provoke others in any way possible or purposely people just because you want a laugh or you want to get back at them for provoking / KSing you. Simply ignore them if they do and they will look like idiots themselves or even worse, get blacklisted by everyone for being an infamous KSer.

5. Do not be sore losers in PVP or Guild Wars. This gives others the impression of you, and in case of guild wars the Fatality, being unsportsman. Congratulates them and if possible do ask politely their guidance too, and most likely you will get friendly replies and guidance to improvement. Even in the event that they went arrogant, do not feel insulted as they most likely do not know what it is really like to win with honor.

6. Do not be arrogant when you win in something, e.g. PVP or Guild War. Do be friendly toward others and others will most likely give their utmost respect to you in return. Even in the event that they do become sore losers, do not retort to them as this will decrease or level to the same as theirs.

7. Do not scam people. These will most likely get you marked down and you will have a hard time selling off your items next time. Also, when in the event that you are scammed, do report to all players so that there won't be a second victim that falls into the scammer's hands. Of course we might be able to help you track down the scammer and try to reason out with them, but we could not promise you that you will be able to get back your item. This will lie on the scammers' morals. THEREFORE, we encourage you to check out the prices and be sure that you are not scammed before trying to get a deal off. This is to prevent being a victim and then learn the hard way instead of learning beforehand.

8. Do not try to play drop games, as this is unnecessary and will definitely not get you and rewards, instead getting looted. Also, even if you didn't get looted, your arrogance will be noted by other players.

9. Please do help out everyone that asks a question. In the event that you do not know how to reply, and if time allows, try to ask the guild members for help and then finally if there are no answers do reply that you have no idea too. Answering questions lets you remember things again, and that not only the questioner gains, but you too as you might need it some way down the road of cabal. Also, by asking, you reconfirmed the information and there will be lesser misunderstandings and misleading.

10. I do know that this really a lot of rules. However, since everyone in the guild is complying with the rules, you do not have any excuse as to being the only 1 that breaks rules. Also, although that this is written as "Rules", this is definitely what everyone have to comply with in real life, also known as Morals. Do not throw away your morals, as this will greatly improve your Cabal life and ultimately, your real life. Also, the above scenarios stated in all the rules are just an example and do not refer to anyone in particular. Of course, there might be changes made to this list due to new rules added, change of rules etc. in the event of a change in rules, there will be notices in the announcement section of the Fatality forum.

11. No Flooding on guild chat. Respect the use of the guild chat for Guild trading, Cabal related questions and answers and friendly chatting stuff.

No abusive, profane, defamatory, ethnically or racially offensive, harassing, harmful, hateful, obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, threatening or vulgar language. (Alternate spelling or partial masking of such words will be reprimanded in the same manner as the actual use of such words.)
Will not be tolerated.

12. Fatality reserves the right to close, temporarily or permanently, any userís account in our site without advance notice as we deem necessary. Furthermore, we reserve the right to delete all user accounts if necessary.

13. We reserve the right to expel players to the guild and ban any user from the forums without advance notice.

14. You will not encourage others to break these rules or any rules set forth in relation to Fatality forums or website.

Thank you.

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