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Post by liezl823 on Fri Jun 13, 2008 10:09 pm

Personal Infos
Name: Valerie
e-Games forum ID :liezl823
Fatality Site username:AvEnGervHaLeRiE
Xfire username: none so far
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Location: Alabang
Status: Single
Studying/Working: Pldt TSR-dsl accnt
Personal website: if theres any? none

Plans on Cabal - Philippines CB
Cbt Account Invites:
In-Game Name:AvEnGervHaLeRiE
Class/ Job: Force Archer
Play Time per Day: 6-8hrs

Other MMORPGs played before Cabal ph / Including CBT experiences
Game Title(s):MU phils
In-Game Name(s):
Other MMO Guild: occasionally
Why do you like to join in Fatality Guild: seems na mganda at may cooperation lht sa guild accdng sa forums which im looking for and i think n mkk2long sa akin like newbie in this games.. tnx!


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