Thrill Seekers Guild Event Schedules on Sunday

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Thrill Seekers Guild Event Schedules on Sunday

Post by Fatality_Admin on Thu Jun 19, 2008 5:12 pm

Fatality Guild Event

Thrill Seekers Event
Find Me and Get an Instant 500 worth of e-Points

Event Reward : 500 e-Points / 1 Winner per Group

Event Coordinators:
Group A: FzEjhay
Group B: Fz Azimuth

Date: June 22, 2008 ( Sunday )
Time: 5:00 pm

Map Scopes : Desert Scream / Bloody Ice / Green Despair
Channel Scopes: All Normal and PK Channels except [s]Trade / Novice / Premiums / War Channels

Event Mechanics:

1. Only those official Fatality guild members can all join in this event.
2. Group A and B are both with separate event programs. Each Group has its own dedicated
event mediator and mysterious character.
3. The event will start at exactly 5pm. The Riddle will be broadcast at exactly this time at guild notice of mysterious character whereabouts, separate notice will be announce in both group guild notice.
4. This mysterious character will stay in only one selected and undetermined channel and location. This character is not moving and stays until someone from the cast group find him.
5. Group A and B are separated with its own assignment of character to find. FzEhjay will announce the name of character for his Group to find and FzAzimuth will have different character for its own Group.
6. If incase other group member find a different mysterious character not for his group assignment the finding is void.
7. If get caught by non group players the mysterious character will find other location and channel as his hiding place.
8. Player that will find the hidden character, have to first whisper him "huli ka" and wait for the official answer "congratulations". If the mysterious character answers "wow mali" you been whispering the wrong mysterious character from other group. ( Screenies and Whispers will be printed out to post in our Site to validates the finding of the winners.
5. The very first member for each group able to find the mysterious character in its hiding place will win the event reward.
6. Winners will wait the messages of FzEjhay to claim the reward.

Good Luck to all and Have Fun!~

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