Close Beta Phase announced : May 15, 2008

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Close Beta Phase announced : May 15, 2008

Post by Fatality_Admin on Fri May 02, 2008 5:00 pm

Cabal Online, a fantasy-themed free-to-play MMOG from e-Games Phils., is set towards its close beta phase on the 15th of May 2008, more likely until the end of Month. Already released in other parts of the world, the title is built on the philosophy of casual-style gameplay. During the start of the CBT phase there will be a playing durations that will set in, probably the server time is up at 12nn and ends 10pm daily. The server needs proper maintaning, so after the day Cabal Technician will take over to check the client. Moreover CBT phase is set for a week or so then the Open Beta will be launch afterwards.

An evil entity known as Cabal decimated the once prosperous Nevareth with a fury and destruction never seen before. The land was left barren, with survivors scattered across the land and all hope seemed lost. Amidst the devastation, seven great masters rose up, wielding the ancient abilities of the Force Power. Their teachings shielded the survivors from the Cabal and allowed them to rebuild Centuries later, man has all but forgotten their oppressive beginnings, and the teachings of the seven masters. Now, nearly a thousand years later, the Cabal returns with a new plan to finish what it has begun. Breeding a child king to rise up and cleanse the land of all mankind. The Cabalís evil plan is poised for its final battle. So itís up to you to challenge Cabal and unlock the Force Power within. Will you protect the good men and women of Nevareth like your predecessors before you? The fate of Nevareth is in your hands, your destiny waits. Tread lightly, with hundreds of NPCís in Nevareth. Friends and foes are not easily discernable.

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