Welcome to Fatality Guild !

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Welcome to Fatality Guild !

Post by Fatality_Admin on Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:07 pm

all aspiring and new breed of Fatal Fighters,

Welcome to Fatality Guild Official Site
Visit may visit us also at our Official Guild Thread : http://forums.e-games.com.ph/index.php?topic=526860.0

Fatality Guild was setup to form a team of hardcore, normal and casual game players together. The Guild has a new name but the people behind the creation is well experienced Cabal Online Gamers from different servers in the world of Cabal. Fatality is not just a guild, it is a way of life in the Nevareth World. It is not just a set of rules and regulations nor is it a simple gathering of friends and gamers.

The Fatality guild is an attitude, it is a spirit that can only be found in certain people in World of Cabal.

Fatality is excellence and perfection both in execution and philosophy. We pride ourselves in being the elite, a powerful force in war and an even more devastating player in politics.

Realization of our prowess is not our choice, it is our destiny

We are now recruiting members who wish to join us for Cabal Online Philippines Close Beta Testing.

Kindly give us a message:

Azimuth - azimuth.zoic@gmail.com
Mainframe - bhimbay@hotmail.com
Nebular - zareddaystar@yahoo.com
Admin - kheemkira@yahoo.com

You may also visit our Friendster / Group : http://profiles.friendster.com/user.php

And Cabal Online Weblog : http://pinoycabal.wordpress.com/

Thank you and Goodluck !~



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